SPD & OCD connection?

OK, my 5 year old son has SPD---I can clearly see it, and we are moving forward as best we can. However, I am truly starting to see signs of OCD. He wants a separate plate for each food item; now suddenly, a separate fork for each food item. He will not let me use the same knife to cut all of his food---he wants a clean/new knife to cut a different food. He will not drink out of his cup if his brother drinks out of it. So on & so on. At his point, it solely centers around food.

His classroom did a lesson on germs & bacteria about 1-2 months ago, and that's when I started seeing glimpses of OCD behaviors.

My question is: is there a common link between SPD & OCD? I've seen other posts about kids with SPD & OCD; is this common?
Any advice?

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