SPD or just a Picky Eater?

by Debi

Trying to figure out if my son (age 7) has SPD. He was a good eater as an infant, loved his baby food, especially the oatmeal! But then soon after he turned 1 and we were able to introduce him to solid food, he seemed to get really picky and would no longer eat meats, vegetables or fruits in any form! For years I have held guilt in my heart, thinking that it was the ice cream we gave him for the first time that made him only like sweets or junk food of any kind. He still ate his baby oatmeal though, til he was at least 4! Now I am wondering if he has SPD.

His mainstay is pizza and peanut butter sandwiches. He also loves pretzels, chips and crackers. He used to eat grilled cheese and spaghetti with lots of marinara sauce but now those are no longer in his diet either. I have tried so hard to get him to even taste foods but to no avail. Until recently he drank Pediasure almost daily to make up for what he wasn't getting but have now we have switched to giving him a powder supplement mixed into his fruit juices.

He has also been extremely sensitive to mostly dairy products. If he likes something (choc milk, milk shakes) he guzzles it and has gotten sick to the point of vomiting at times. Last night it happened again but with bread (rolls) at the restaurant. Usually when we go out anywhere he will only eat french fries but at this place he loves the rolls so he ate a lot of them and made himself sick. Now I am wondering if he has SPD and cannot sense when he is full til it's too late!

If any of you have had similar experiences, plese let me know! I want to talk to his doctor about this but my husband thinks it is just normal kid stuff since he himself was and still is somewhat of a picky eater ~ is SPD or maybe just the tendency for it, hereditary?

Thank you for your help :)

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Mar 11, 2013
Such a comfort to read your description
by: Beth

Hi Debi,

I could've written your entry myself. The issues with your son are exactly what I've been dealing with with my almost three yo son. He will only eat waffles and pancakes, along with the occassional cheese quesadilla. No fruits, vegetables or meat of any kind even though he used to love them when he was eating jar food. I've tried switching back to jar food just to get the nutrients into his system, but he won't do it. We eliminate foods instead of adding them. The last couple weeks, he's stopped letting me put butter and syrup on his waffles and pancakes(which is great sugar-wise, but not so great bc it's another elimination). We've gone to OT and have consulted with an ENT. His tonsils are so big they touch his uvula so those are coming out next month. Socially, he's fantastic. His verbal skills are above age level. He has always been a terrible sleeper though and HATES taking baths, getting his nails trimmed, hair combed, getting dressed, diaper changed to the point of a kicking, screaming tantrum every time it needs to be done.

Any updates since you originally posted this? I know it's been almost a year, but I'd love to know what you've learned in the past year and honestly just want someone to commiserate with!


May 07, 2012
re: Picky eater
by: Lyn

Hello Deby! I have a son who is turning two. Same problem as yours. He was diagnosed with GDD autism not ruled out. One of the symptoms was refusing to eat and being a picky eater. My son has no verbal skills, no eye contact. So i think that sums up what i feel and the extent of my problem. But i hope through this site, i will be able to ask for help or advise how to deal with this. I hope everything is okay with your family soon.

Good luck!

May 06, 2012
Cant'eat wont'eat
by: Anonymous

hello Deby, I have similar experience in my family, looking after diagnosis and guilt, has been recognized as a disorder PDD-nos. so it is a disorder that has a different way of perceiving the food, the smell by the flavor and texture. and that is why they prefer certain foods rather than others. their diet is severely restricted. report a useful book. Can't Eat, Won't Eat. written by Brenda Legge. Best Regards

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