SPD or skin fetish???

by Melissa

My 6 year old daughter (diagnosed with ADHD combined, hypotonia, dev. dyspraxia) waiting to b evaluated by OT for SPD is always trying to touch the skin of other people. She really likes to lay on top of me when we cuddle on the sofa at night and she tries to lift my shirt so she can either lay her head on my belly or would really like to lay belly to belly. Its very odd and embarrassing when she asks other people (she knows no strangers) if she can see their belly.

She is very smart and has realized that if she hugs an adult while they are standing, her head is at their belly....she will hug tightly and for an extended period of time. I tell her that this is not okay, but because of her ADHD she has issues with impulse control. Anyone ever had to deal with this sort of thing?? What therapies can I try?

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Jun 27, 2018
Odd skin contact
by: Anonymous

My son pulls my shirt up when I am asleep and rubs his hands and belly on my open back skin and constantly tries to touch my open skin a lot. He even puts his hands behind my back while sitting together and tries to leave his hand on the lower part of my back right above MY pants top. I am constantly trying to get him to stop but he gets upset. Also has to sit in same seat with me on couch chair no matter what. Has to have constant contact with skin.

Feb 18, 2013
Mine too
by: Shannon

My 20 month old daughter has always liked skin on skin contact. Even as an infant she would rub exposed arms. If we have on long sleeves she pushes her hand in our sleeves. She at times will raise our shirt for belly on belly contact. I am an OT but have never considered this to be SPD, just her personal preference.

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