SPD Oral Defensiviness

by Tricia
(Louisville, KY usa)

My child has been a "picky eater", so the doctors say. He is three years old and this has been getting worse over the last 2 years. With the few things he will eat he gags and has to walk away from the food after a few bites. We no longer can eat out at restaurants. He will start gagging soon after the food is on the table. If I am not quick to notice it making him uncomfortable he will vomit. This happens 90-100% of the times we go out to eat. My doctor did have a swallow study performed on him approx. 6 months ago and it came back normal.The more I read I feel as though this is more of a sensory issues. Is anyone dealing with a child with these type of symptoms?

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Sep 29, 2009
OMG, yes...........
by: kim

My son was eating baby food at 14 months old.
My cousin who is a speech therapist came over one day, we hadn't seen each other in a long time.
She said to me "why are you feeding him baby food"?

I said because he gags if he tries to eat anything else, and i figured he would just eat when he was ready. I had no idea about his asd dx yet. And knew nothing about this.....
She told me, "because he also rocks, and was obsessed with the alphabet and numbers and lining things up, to look up aspergers" and see what i thought..............holy crow, BINGO.......

Anyway, she sent me her book on pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders, i read and followed what i felt pertained to him, it took about 2 weeks, but i got him to eat a decent amount of stuff, enough, more than some typical kids eat, ya know

But once he started school, he started cutting alot of things out, and i ended up bringing him to the feeding clinic, it at least got him started on foods he used to eat again, but, its cyclical, it seems hes gonna eat what he wants when he wants and all the food clinics in the world aren't gonna help him.

I read a post, the 18 year old boy stated that he was like that and when he got older he was better and dont push your kid!

It made me feel some what better anyway..
Take her to an OT, and spill your guts, observe everything she does, write it down, the more info you have the better the eval will be!!
Good luck sister!

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