SPD Potty Training our 3 year old

by Sonya

Our daughter was diagnosed with SPD when she was 1.5. She was a foster child born addicted to methadone, morphine, and several other pain killers. She currently attends a special education pre-school where they assist in potty training.

we have been trying to consistently potty train her since Sept 09 - that means no diapers, only panties and going to sit on the toilet every 30-45 minutes.

The problem is our daughter will hold her urine all day long. She will urinate at night in her sleep, and will not urine again till bath time at 6:30.

I can count on one hand the amount of times she's had an accident. she will NOT pee on the toilet! she will sit there for as long as you need her to, but will not pee - we even had her play in a bowl of water, and turn the bath water on...

Is there another technique you all are familiar with? i am open to any ideas, comment, suggestions, or input at this point.

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