SPD Resources in Canada (Ontario) - Are there any?

My son was diagnosed over a year ago and I am still struggling to find any type of therapy or program that my he can participate in.

I live in a small community and feel like I have been in a one man battle for the past year. It has been difficult to educate my son's school and day care providers when I myself am struggling with understanding the disorder. I am also struggling with the validity of the diagnosis as I don't feel the pediatrician spent enough time with my son to determine anything.

My son has sensory issues, there is no doubt about it, but I am having a difficult time determining the difference between an SPD diagnosis and an ADHD diagnosis. I feel that it is the symptoms of ADHD that he displays that will create struggles for him in school. My son will be in grade one next year and I am very worried that he will start to fall behind, not because he is intellectually incapable but because he is unable to pay attention and he often takes longer to complete a task.

There are several agencies/doctors that I have contacted for help but have been denied service because they don't deal with SPD.

Any information you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated. I live in Southwestern, Ontario but am willing to travel to connect with agencies &/or individuals that will me, so that I may help my son.


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Ah, Marcie, you need a SIPT certified OT to do the SPD assessments on your son. Good news… there are some near you. Actually there are MANY listed for Ontario, Canada at www.wpspublish.com… the main site I use for a database of SIPT certified OT’s! Here’s the link to the page that lists them!

SIPT Certified OT’s in Canada

Also, may I suggest you read my Step By Step Guide For SPD Parents… it will help you know what to do from here and give you resources and support by following the links.

By the way… hello neighbor… I was born in Ontario, Canada! Hehehe

Let me know if this helps, ok?

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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Jun 05, 2014
Sensory Integration/ADHD
by: Anonymous

You will need a referral from your family doctor, but you could try Family Clinic at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga or George Hull Center in Etobicoke. You can Google both for more details.
I have a good experience from both. There may be a wait time though...

Nov 12, 2009
Sensory Processing Disorder Canada Foundation
by: Anonymous

Please visit www.spdcanada.org for the Sensory Processing Disorder Canada Foundation. It's an organization whose vision is to build awareness and understanding of sensory processing disorders through education and collaboration.

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