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I suspect my daughter to have the part of the disorder linked to feeling. She has an issue with various material/types of clothing and although I am aware and try to only buy clothes I think she will be happy with this is very often a "moving target" - she will not like/wear leggings one week, then wear them religiously for the next 3 weeks and then go back to hating them! Has anyone got any advice on dressing a 7 year old girl with these issues? Thanks Kerry

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Mar 03, 2010
Dressing the 7 year old
by: Anonymous

Mine is a boy ... but we have the same issue. He is required to wear a uniform to school and the shirts are sometimes a nightmare and other times... he could care less.... A few things we have done:

1. celebrate a day that he wore his uniform with no problems by letting him pick his jammies
2. bought undies and an under shirt in a materials he consistently agreed with and he pretty much wears it under everything
3. Let him dress him self... we tagged his clothed with colored clips (kid friendly) and he can wear any bottom with any top that has the same color clip (like the old school Geranimals)this way he is able to touch everything that matches and choose what makes him happiest that day... (Like you it is often a moving target)
4. We bought 5 shirts in different materials and studied which one he picked out the most often and try to buy that material
5. and finally - We bought a several articles that we knew would match everything in several materials and they are called his FREE CLOTHES...(i.e. the clips don't have to match because there is no clip on these khaki pants, blue jeans, white shirts, etc.)

Hope this helps... and good luck.. Our boy doesn't really have the "Is this cool?" filter the way your girl might... :)

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