SPD versus Highly Functioning Autism

by Romana
(Loja, Ecuador)

I am trying to self-diagnose myself. I took the AQ test and scored 43 out of 50, the possibility of me being autistic is 80%. However, many of the symptoms of autism also mirror those of SPD. I would like to know what is the difference. Right now, I live in a 3rd world country (moved there from Canada) and cannot get a diagnosis here (too difficult in Spanish) therefore I am trying to see whether I have highly functioning autism or SPD. I am 51, was born 3 months premature, had lazy eye, prescription glasses, am hard of hearing but also difficulty with sound/voice perception, sensitive to clothes, weather, deep loud sounds, bulimia, self injuring when frustrated, tantrums not possible to control, the list goes on, matches 90% of criteria.... Thank you!

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