SPD vs Autism

by Chris
(Boise, Idaho)

What is the difference between SPD and Autism, in "lay mans" terms? Does one impact a different part of the brain than the other? Is it correct to refer to both of these conditions as "disorders"?

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Sep 27, 2015
I am In the Same Boat
by: MommaB

My 2 year Old has SPD and is having him assesed for Autism. How did yours go? In my gut I know he is not and he fit some but not all of the credentials to be Autistic. I hate for him to be labeled so early in life wrong.

Jul 21, 2015
autism verses spd
by: Anonymous


My son was being assessed for autism but has been diagnosed with SPD and anxiety disorder today, he does not have autism. The consultant says he has all the sensory problems of an autistic child but as he can interact,make friends and communicate well, he does not have autism. To have autism you need to have both sensory and problems mixing with others both at the same time.

my son is also likely to have dyspraxia, which i believe is similar to autism and needs further assessment for this.

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