by Jennifer

My little girl just turned three. She started her clothes sensitivity about two months ago. It has become worse and she now has started stammering her words. The doctor wants us to wait 6 months to see if it is a phase. I just don't want to wait to long. Is there a permanent solution/fix to these problems? we just feel so bad for her. Is waiting the (right) thing to do?

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Jul 02, 2009
"just wait and see"
by: Nancy Peske

I would go with your Mommy instincts. "Just wait and see" is easy to say if it's not your child who is suffering! And meanwhile, you lose precious time during which you can help your little girl.

I would have her evaluated for sensory issues by a sensory smart pediatric occupational therapist. Meanwhile, begin journaling: note her behaviors, food, and stammering, the time and circumstances, so that you can spot patterns. This info will help you as you consult with professionals.

--Nancy, www.sensorysmarts.com

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