Hi, I am a teenager and I have always struggled with certain emotional issues. I came upon this website when I was trying to figure out why I am so sensitive to some clothing. I can be easily bothered by the clothing I am wearing. Sometimes my clothing (especially shirts) feels too tight, but more commonly, clothing feels extremely uncomfortable for reasons I cannot adequately explain.

I have always been a very picky eater. A lot of my food pickiness depends on texture and scent. Even looking at or thinking about a food I dislike (such as mayonnaise) can make me feel very nauseous. I am pretty particular about how my food is cooked and I don't want to eat it if I feel like it is under cooked (which it usually isn't). I am also very sensitive to noise. Being in a crowded restaurant bothers me a lot and makes me very anxious. While doing homework or taking a test, noises such as clocks ticking, a pencil sharpener, and coughing distract and irritate me. I also have a very negative reaction to alarms going off, the noise of hairdryers, and the sound of lawnmowers.

A lot of my issues are described on the symptoms checklist of this website, like my difficulties falling asleep and the extreme temper tantrums I had when I was little. I am completely unsure if I have SPD or not. I definitely fulfill a lot of the symptoms (primarily those of over-responsiveness), but there are others that I don't fulfill.

Do you think I should discuss this with my parents and doctor? I don't want to feel like I'm making too big a deal of my anxiety and sensitivity.

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