by Sanrdra Brockel
(Saint Peters, Mo. U.S.A.)

Finally Hope!

Finally Hope!

I was told by the teachers my son was ADHD or ADD but I knew that was not it, all medications had horrible affects My son is ten he won't eat meat unless you force him, he make's inappropriate noises at odd times school home during test anytime, because of this I suspected maybe he had a mild form of Autism the Doctor said no. He moves constantly, he can not stand to have anything sticky or dirty on his hands, he hates having his fingernail/toenails cut, he won't were cloths that aren't smooth, he won't sleep on sheets that aren't soft, when he reads he at grade level


He has a normal to high IQ. He is thirsty alot he acts as though he will die if he can not get a drink, I can't even tell you how many times I have had to stop and get him a drink, he seems to never be full, he will not eat anything that is tough, meat crust of bread any hard food.

Goes back and forth from constipation to diarehha. He will not go out and play by himself, he will not do anything by himself, even go to the bathroom.

He has most of the school difficulties, written work is hard to read because, words are written right on top of each other with no spacing, we have told him over and over and still he does this. Thanks for listening, Sandy

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Jun 15, 2015
Get a second opinion
by: Shauna

If you feel your son may have mild Autism and the doctor doesn't agree, get a second opinion, or have him tested. You know your child best, and if you feel there's something there, there probably is. There should be psychologists in your area who would do the testing, and let you know for sure. It's always better to know, not to put a label on him but to help you to better help him. Good luck, and God bless!

Oct 28, 2011
this is a great site
by: Anonymous

isn't this a great site for us to communicate and share ideas and be a sounding board for so many others who are on this journey as well! :)

i have been on this journey with my, now 6 year old son who has had some of these same issues you've mentioned. a couple of thoughts occur to me to perhaps just present- frequent thirst can be related to diabetes and perhaps the food issue is related to a texture issue? many children with spd can have so many of these challenges, and also vision/coordination/spatial difficulties. my son struggles with almost every area that can be affected by spd.

i wonder too when i hear that children don't, can't, won't, do things alone, whether that is a manifestation of anxiety. my son was like that for a long time, didn't play well alone, always needed companionship, etc. he has mild form of anxiety. which can also be common in children with spd.

the first 4 years of my son's life, he had liquid bowel movements. i finally had him tested for celiac diease (which can also be common in children with spd because it's related to intestinal/immunity/neurological issues. finally got him on a daily probiotic which has helped and changed his diet even though he didn't test positive for celiac. the doc recommended some dietary changes and that has helped with more than just one issue.

do you suspect spd? have you sought out an occupational therapist? they can be such a great resource. we have benefited from frequent visits for the last 4 years. and it's made the difference! good luck.

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