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I am not sure if this is SPD or not. My son is 3 and asd. He likes to jump a lot, spins himself in circles and looks to the side, just started doing that again recently but not only once in a blue moon. He use to do that a lot before. When he uses the iPad for his activities and if anything goes across the screen, like positive reinforcement when he does something right, he will follow it with his head and eyes across the screen. He will draw lines and circles with his finger in dirt, sand, rice. I am not sure if this is SPD or his symptoms related to autism. He is on gfcfsf diet since feb and after about 1 1/2 mths a lot of these issue seem to go away, except for the jumping. I know a lot of autistic children have SPD. I was just wondering.

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Sep 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

My now 5 yr old daughter was diagnosed w/ SPD around age 2. We had some experiences w/ her jumping as well. Her favorite thing to do was to jump like crazy in her crib. Our OT told us it was a form of sensory seeking. She hates soft/light touches but still needs to experience touch, so she prefers to have hard touches like the pounding of jumping, hard tickling, etc. It was just a way for her to receive the necessary sensory input in a way she was comfortable with.

Hope this helps. I would suggest having him evaluated by a specialist in your area. The OT made a world of difference for my daughter. Now she attends school and fits in w/ all the other kids.

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