SPD/OCD 5 year old? - help!

by Ursula
(U.K. )

Hi... I'm just after a bit of general opinion here as my daughter is awaiting her assessment with the child development centre, but I feel a bit list and alone line I'm going crazy thinking about my daughter all the time and what I can do to help her or am I worrying too much.

Possible sensory issues picked up by school and myself, I'll just list.

-Always pinching her neck, like a comfort habit since birth.
-wouldn't let me pick her up from age 1-4 if I either wore my hair up or had a jumper on
-refused a bottle til she was one and a bit (when everyone else was dropping theirs)
-only wears leggings or a dress WITH leggings. Never jeans. The leggings have to be full length, and only this year finally will she wear shorts (but would rather not) Oh and definitely no labels
-refused knickers until started school and then it was a battle. Will only wear one brand, no frills and never at weekends.
-school shoe shopping eurggh lets not even go there.
-she's always barging into everyone and has to touch everything she passes in a shop (I mean everything)

She has an OCD habit of scratching herself then licking her fingers (up to 240 times an hour) to 'get rid of germs) apparently. She has randomly licked other stuff too, especially at school. Things like the floor, her shoes etc.

She hates school and is behind developmentally but is making progress. The school have given her a sensory cushion to sit on and blue tac to occupy her fingers and she's in every possible intervention. She has trouble making friendships.

I love my daughter but she can either be so loving or so angry and cross at the world and I just want to know how can I help her? Her appointment isn't for another month so if anyone has any advice or just a 'hi' I would appreciate it as it's getting me down right now.

Is it SPD or am I grasping at straws?


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