Special education teacher/parent

by Cathy Mears
(Bethany Ok)

My daughter had some visual issues when she was in the fourth grade and we ended up having to take her to a vision therapist who prescribed 10 weeks of vision therapy for her. One of the things they told us after testing her- was that she was still exhibiting her basic moro reflexes and they gave us a brush and told us to brush her every day- it seemed to really work for her and when the vision problems cleared up we stopped using it. She now complains of the textures of clothing bothering her and refuses to wear jeans and other types of pants- so we may try it again and see if it helps.

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Apr 30, 2013
what type of brushing?
by: Danelle

Hi there,

Our daughter has also been through vision therapy. She has mild SID, is a sensory craver. She is very high functioning, but can be hard to handle at times with her constant craving for sensory input. She has always craved light touch and I found an article today that made me want to try brushing with her. I have seen 2 types of brushing and so I did some more searching which led me here. Can you explain what type of brushing you did? Find it interesting that you also had the vision issues. I think there must be so relation to it all, and would love to hear which type of brushing you did. I want to try this with her, think it would be really helpful to her.

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