Special Need Creations

by Linda
(Bradford, MA 01835)

Hi: I am a mom to a daughter with severe autism and son with ADD. I started making and selling weighted blankets a couple years back. I found that they work for calming in about 80-90% of kids/adults who use them. I try to follow up on my sales at times and the kids who don't respond well are the ones who don't like things on top of them and like to sleep with no covers. They work really well for kids who like a lot of blankets on, need pressure to feel grounded and like strong hugs. I love when I hear that kids who never sleep through the night can now make it through because not only do the calm from the weight but have an attachment that may allow them to make it through the night without waking mom or dad. I also use my daughters for positioning her in bed. If her legs are getting contracted or she is shaky it helps calm her hand movements and give her a gentle pressure on legs. I'm not too fond of weighted neck wraps, although I have sold a few. I found that kids may not like the weight around the neck. Always try to buy a blanket made with poly pellets. I can't tell you how many people complained to me about other blankets they bought made with sand, stone, aquarium rocks..who knows if they are nontoxic, nevermind the damage they could do to a machine.

Feel free to visit my site: www.specialcreation.net

I am not out to make a fortune, my products are top of the line and affordable.


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Mar 16, 2011
weighted blankets
by: Lisa

I would like to receive an email regarding the lady that sells weighted blankets. Please send me the website information to strivingforthebest@hotmail.com. Please add the subject title as weighted blankets for babygirl. Thanks so very much.

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