Speech/Language Development and SPD

by Melody

I am concerned for my son and his speech/language development. He was diagnosed with SPD when he was 2 and he is both a sensory seeker and an avoider (he is now 3 and some change). He would jump on things and flap his arms for a while. His avoidance included malls, public places, and the park. He also would not go near a swing, a vacuum, and cutting his hair or nails was a nightmare.

I got him in Early Intervention when he was 2 and then, we started OT at a private OT clinic from the time he was 2 1/2. He has had speech therapy since age 2 as well.

His sensory issues are nearly integrated...he will tolerate vacuums, swings, go to malls and restaurants now, and I can even cut his nails and his hair with only minimal whining. More importantly, the meltdowns and the crying/screaming are rapidly declining.

However, his speech is lagging still. He has had speech therapy off and on for the last year (due to the school district cut offs). He does understand a lot more than he can say and he is a very intelligent child. He is a great problem solver but, his expressive language is still behind. He can say 2-3 word sentences and he has bursts of language here and there. We see him have an explosion followed by a lull for a while. I am just wondering if other Moms have SPD children who struggled with speech and overcame it later??

I am just hoping that he will have success with that eventually.

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May 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

My daughter is about to turn 4yrs old and is also a sensory seeker. She had a number of developmental delays when she was younger but has gotten better with therapy. but she is still in speech therapy through school program.

from the beginning she has had speech delays and it seemed her spd made it worse. When she was younger sometimes after a meltdown she would not be able to speak at all. She would just mumble incoherently. Now she can speak very well for the most part except she sometimes gets her words in her sentences out of order and sometimes when she's having a bad day i can't always understand everything she says.

Like you I know my child understands what I'm saying but I think spd really affects her expressive language and it always has.

Mar 27, 2010
by: Melody

Well, my son is almost 4 and he says 3-4 word phrases now. He knows all of his colors and he counts to 10. His OT says that she doesn't see any signs of SPD anymore; not so sure about that. He still has meltdowns but, not near as bad. I think most of his meltdowns are because he is 3. LOL. However, his speech is still behind. He does not have conversations with others well. He understands what you say but, he does not speak to others on the same level. Still hoping that he can catch up in his speech someday. This is just such a long, heartbreaking process...

Oct 13, 2009
SPD-1 year old
by: Frank

Our son Joshua-1 yr old is labeled a sensory seeker as well, we have had a developmental specialist see our son on a weekly basis to provide advice on interaction. I am still coping with this, it has been very hard. My older son-4 yrs has issues with scoliosis so now we have both a physical and mental/behavioral issues to deal with.

Can anyone tell me what is the percentage of SPD children that can attend regular school?

Will he ever sleep through the night?

Will he be able to function on his own someday?

Thank you for your time


Jun 17, 2009
li li
by: uk

My daughter is 4 now and has SPD. She was always behind with everything development-wise. So the speech problem didn't come as much of a surprise but the way she went about it was amusing and almost slightly annoying as she would just mirror back to you whatever you said to her.

Now that has ceased and has quite a few words but struggles to get them in order and getting them out. She frustrates herself mostly as we all know what she wants to say really. But sadly results in aggressive/destructive behaviour. It is starting to happen less frequently as time is going on.

She is starting main stream school in September that will be fun as she already gets into fights because of this already. The only thing I think that gets her through it is her confidence and Im sure it will continue to get better in the future as they don't start speech therapy here until they are about 6yrs old.

Jun 08, 2009
Have faith!
by: Anonymous

My son is 2 and started speech therapy. I am lucky to have access to a really great program called birth to 3 years and they are great. My son still only babbles and says a total of 5-10 words on an inconsistent level. The good news is that he has been seen by several professionals and they all say it takes a LONG time with therapy and such, but that they often get "caught" up to other children with speech by the time they go into to school, (around 4 or 5) so not to give up!

And for the kids with speech issue in addition to SPD, the speech is usually the last to come.


Jun 07, 2009
Language Barriers
by: Anonymous

My grandson has SPD also from taking the evaluation testing. He has had OT and Speech therapy, but at the most has 5 to 7 word sentences and he will be six in November. He will start kindergarten in the fall, but we are concerned with his behavior (aggresive) and his language barriers. Sometimes he will surprise me as he did this weekend. He commented "this must be expensive candy" for a bag of gummy worms I game him to take to the movies for a snack.

For the most part, he is smart and a whiz on the computer, but still has problems communicating with others. Sometimes, people and children look at him as though he's weird because of his speech. I wish there was a magic pill to help these children, but all we can do is pray and try to be an advocate for them to get them the help they so desperately need.

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