My niece is 4. she has SPD. my sister recently just put her in basketball to get her to be more social outside of school and to get started in sports early, she's very tall for her age (shes going to take after her dad) and she would be amazing at sports.

But at her first two games she makes a scene and screams bloody murder when we try to get her to go out on the court to bounce the ball or even talk to the coach or talk to other kids, she totally freezes up. halfway through the game, the coach came over and asked her if she wanted to play, she got shy and he then walked away and she actually followed him out there but she is so attached to her mom she couldn't go out without her.

My sister went on the court and my niece ran back and forth playing around but we were being serious and we just want to know how we can get her to actually get out there and play and not be shy and goof off and let her know its serious.

She also wont listen to anyone as long as her mom is there so we figure mom shouldn't take her and show up late and hide because once she sees her mom all hell breaks loose and she will throw a fit and make a scene.

What could I do to help her learn to play this sport?

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