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My son is 2.5 years old and he is diagnosed with Developmental Delays caused by a Cerebral Atrophy. He is currently undergoing PT and some OT at his school. We have a major issue with his arms! He likes to keep them up to his side (imagine if you tell someone STICK EM UP!) and he also still fists quite a bit.

Johnathan's delays are global but he is babling and always happy and smiling , he is coming along well. He is not walking yet but he can stand with support.

I need some advice on activities I can do to help with the hands. His therapist gave us splints but he hates them!! I stretch his hands every night and as soon as the pressure from the stretching is applied, he immediately relaxes them for a while and then , STICK EM UP!! once again. I am looking at wrist weights as an option. I would like some guidance/help!! Thanks

Concerned mom from Barbados!!

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Sep 29, 2012
Also mother of a special child
by: Anonymous

Hi ..I just would like to check how's the development of your son?

I also have a 2.5 years old daughter who was diagnosed last year with mild cerebral atrophy. That also explains her significant delay on motor skills..she has not stand still yet nor walk . She sometimes makes sounds, she can sit but not still..but she gets to respond when i get to play with her..she laughs , smiles. She tries to walk by herself around around the play pen,has a mild grip.

thanks..any information would really be helpful!

Sep 03, 2009
he could have it. Then i read alot of kids get misdiagnosed, because of another possible cause.Have you had more..
by: kim

than one diagnosis?????
I never heard of this till i read your post. So i looked it up.

What i found was,so many different reasons that he could have it. But then i read that alot of kids get misdiagnosed. It could be alot of other things!!!

If so, he could get worse. my suggestion is FIRST, if you've only had one opinion id get at least 3 more!

Then take it from there...Dr.s are wrong in their diagnosis' alot of times!!

But, in the interim,, as far as therapy for the "springy arms" (poor baby boy, hes so cute!)
Unless we know WHY his arms are TRULY doing that, you cant get an accurate therapy for him to help his arms.

You know what i mean??

Anyway, let me know, what i dont know, ill try to find out for you, i just need some more info.from you,

God bless you and your family, he really is a doll!!!!! from a mom who understands.........

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