STAR Center, Greenwood Village, Colorado.

by John
(Miami, FL, USA)

We are the grandparents of a four-year old boy who has been diagnosed with SPD. He has been receiving OT treatment for about six months and has shown some improvement.

However, we would like to help him to improve faster, if possible. We are considering sending him and his mother to the STAR Center in Denver. The program there is intensive and consists of about 20 sessions for an out of town patient. It is expensive, but we would be glad to pay for this if it is going to help him. This is not an easy decision for us, because we are retired and live on fixed income, but if is good for our four-year old grandson, we will find the way to do it. Can you tell us if the STAR Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado has a good reputation?

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Yes, I have heard very good things about the STAR Center and Dr. Lucy Jane Miller is THE person to go to for sure!! It is the best treatment yhou can find for sure!! If you can afford it somehow, I would definitely recommend it. Here is one family's advice and experience...

The STAR Center; A Personal Experience

Hope it works out for you. And thank you for being willing to take such good care of your grandson!! He is blessed.

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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Sep 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

We went to the STAR center and it was nothing short of amazing. Great team approach. Left with many, many ideas and ways to implement a home program. Definitely go if you can. Wish we could go back.

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