Started reading this for my son and saw me! SENSORY MODULATION: pg 1

by Jerry A
(Dyersburg, TN)

Jerry & kids

Jerry & kids


1. "bothered by "light touch"; someone lightly touching/rubbing your hand, face, leg or back." My wife likes to hold my hand, then at the same time rub it over and over again in the same spot. That drives me crazy. It irritates my hand like a rash.
2. "don't seem to notice pain; get shots/cuts/bruises and hardly feel a thing." My wife is constantly asking me "Where did you get that bruise from?" and I honestly have no idea.
3. "a thrill seeker; loves fast and/or dangerous rides, leisure activities, and sports" and "seek out fast, spinning, and/or upside down carnival rides." I am 50 yo with high blood pressure now so that is not an issue like it was when I was younger but like the song says " I CAN'T DRIVE 55!"
4. "prefer foods with very strong tastes and flavors." I enjoy eating out like at Italian or Mexican etc...
5a. "has a diagnosed eating disorder." 5b. "loves crunchy foods (popcorn, carrots, chips, nuts, pretzels, etc.)" I am obese. 5c. "frequently have gum or hard candy in your mouth." Use to be a real issue but not so much now.
6. "bites inside of cheeks." I thought this was a side effect of some of the meds I am on.
7. "frequently shake your leg while sitting." it was funny to me as my leg was shaking when i read this.
8. "cracks knuckles often." Use to do this more when I was drinking a pot of coffee a day. Use

to drive my wife up the wall. Now my daughter does this. lol
9. "smokes cigarettes." Use to but quit the day my son was born. Decided I wanted to be around when he graduated from college and enjoy him growing up instead of being out of breath.
10. "substance abuse." My father was an alcoholic as was his father. I am the youngest of 4 boys. We all were drug addicts and alcoholics. Mine was to extent that I ended up in jail over it. I went thru a 12 month rehab program called Teen Challenge that took me 18 months to complete but it was worth every moment to be clean and sober now. it was a domino effect in my family because we are all clean and sober now.
11. "drinks excessive amounts of coffee or caffeinated beverages." This was an issue when i was in college and was working. I am on disability for my Bi-Polar disorder and so I don't feel the need to be hyped up any more.
12. "hate to wear shoes and/or socks." I just thought that was from being an old country boy.
13. "restless when sitting through a lecture, presentation, or movie." Always feel the need to speak up and say something and unfortunately, most of the time it would be inappropriate.
14. "becomes overstimulated / overaroused when people come to the house or in crowded places." I knew I felt weird in those situations but just didn't know why.
see my next letter on "SENSORY DISCRIMINATION"

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Mar 18, 2009
It happened to me
by: Anonymous

I do wish to thank you for the courage to be truthful about the defects in your character. I have plenty defects myself but, this not make me a bad person. Just have to work on what I find uncomfortable about these defects. Sometimes defects are very helpful to my mental well being.

I have driven 4 hours to attend a friend's wedding. When I arrived I turned around and came home. Never did I go in to the wedding. Did the same thing when a friend died. Drove 2 hours to pay respects. When I pulled into parking lot , I turned right around and left. Never did I go inside to pay my respects. Have done this on other occasions, too. Very embarrassing!.

I am looking to find a meeting where I could share with others and perhaps help myself as I have done in Alanon Adult Children meetings. Thanks for listening. Danny

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