started reading this web site about my son and saw me. pg 2 SENSORY DISCRIMINATION:

by Jerry A.
(Dyersburg, Tn)


1. "bothered by hands or face being dirty." Who isn't? My son! Who "doesn't seem to notice if his hands or face are dirty."
2. "difficulty judging distances about where your car is in relation to other cars, in parking spaces, or near a curb (fail miserably at parallel parking!!)" I have an anxiety attack when I see that I have to parallel park!
3. "fearful of heights." my wife is this and has passed this on to my son and it bugs the crap out of me!
4. "difficulty concentrating on or watching a movie/tv show when there is background noise or distractions." thank God for new technology. I love my DVR so that I can pause it when ever someone wants to talk or make noise, record it and watch it later and skip the commercials.
5. "difficulty remembering or understanding what is said to you." man i am terrible when i meet a new person and forget their name 2 seconds after they just told me what it was. My wife constantly gets mad at me because she claims that we had a conversation about something and I tell her that we didn't the next day after it was allegedly supposed to have happened.
6. "difficulty following directions if given two or three at one time." You better put it in writing or you can forget me following directions.
7. "can not complete concentrated tasks if noises present." I can't complete a task whether noises are present or not. I usually have the tv or music going, this may be the answer to that. My wife gets so mad at me when we are trying to clean house because i jump from 1 task to another with out completing any of them.
8. "sensitive, or over reacts, to sirens, dogs barking, vacuum cleaners, blenders, or other sudden/loud sounds." This is my son. He is hyper sensitive to noises.
9. "talks too loud or too soft." I am hard of hearing. I have

been told I talk loud and to me my son talks to soft but that could be my hearing problems and SPD.
10. "become engrossed in one single activity for a long time and seems to tune out the rest of their environment" and "spend hours at a time on fantasy or video games and activities." This is my son in a major way. He is 12 yo and it is 2 am in the morning and if I don't go in his room and make him go to sleep, he will not get off of the computer or xbox to go to sleep ( he does not have school tomorrow or else I would be in there now, but hey, I am on this web site and glued to it! lol). He has to take sleeping pills and as you see they don't work that good but the next morning he is real sleepy and hard to get up. He has been diagnosed as having ADHD.
11. "can't sleep if room isn't completely dark." My son is the total opposite of this, he has to have the light on if he is sleeping by himself.
12. "great difficulty settling body down for sleep or waking up in the morning (did you even hear the alarm that has been going off for 15 minutes?)" I covered some of that in #10. He has ADHD and I have Bi-polar. It is 2:30am, we have both taken our sleeping meds and neither of us is the least bit sleepy. But when I finally do go to sleep, I will sleep to noon.
13. "difficulty with speech and annunciation." We had to take my son to a speech therapist when he was young.
14. "bumps into things frequently." I am constantly stumping my toe. As I said in my "SENSORY MODULATION" blog, my wife is constantly asking me where did you get that bruise from and I honestly have no idea.
I will share more in my "SENSORY-BASED MOTOR SKILLS:" blog

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