Static Shocks

by Tracy Dyer
(Spokane, WA)

I am 54 years old.

I've been hypersensitive to static shocks my entire life. I've always insisted I get shocked more than most people--more often and on items not normally 'shockable' (such as fresh veggies). Scholars tell me however, that I don't receive more shocks than the average person, that I'm just more sensitive to them. I don't buy this--I am fairly positive no one else has been shocked on a bunch of bananas or fresh kale in the grocery store.

'Discharging' myself on metal with a key or a coin doesn't work; I feel the discharge through these items and they hurt just as much as a normal static shock.

My static shocks are also abnormally loud, others around me often look in surprise when I get nailed on something. I always, always jump, startle, cry out, or curse out loud when I get shocked. I find myself slapping or hitting an item before I touch it so the shock won't be as noticeable.

My life is a total wreck because of this condition; winter time or windy days are hell for me.


Also: I have extreme sensitivity to odors and sounds. Cannot tolerate the smell of onions or garlic, or normal bathroom smells; and cannot function with a loud radio, TV, or loud talking in a room.

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