Stay consistent

by Carrie

I have a 5 year old girl who if I don't remind her to go and sit on the toilet at scheduled times she will not choose to go on her own.

I have also noticed that this is happening with wetting her pants also. I am beside myself because She did very well around the age of 3 yrs and it seems that she has forgot.

Maybe it is because I was consistently reminding her to go and try more often when she was three and now because she is five I have greater expectation but she is not ready.

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by: Anonymous

it is possible for some children to have difficulty knowing when their bodies need to use the restroom. i have a son who didn't potty train until he was 4 and still has some issues at 6.

do you think it could be related to a neurological issue? (esp for kids with spd)- it is common to have issues with this. poor muscle tone can be a factor. many children really can't 'feel' when they need to 'go'.

perhaps seeking some professional advice would be helpful. we have benefited from regular visits to and occupational therapist. she has been a wealth of knowledge and a sounding board for our concerns.

good luck!

also- here's a link from this site on a similar post and a bunch of suggestions/comments on the issue.

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