Stephanie & A Sweet loving little boy

by Stephanie Whitt

Hi, I know SPD is Real. Noah & I live it. He walks, talks it, breaths it,smells it, and hears it so very LOUD. And the touch of it hurts so bad I never could describe every thing because each day I learn new articles, and Noah seams to be worse off.

I am taking him to the Dr's again & this time I want an answer and will go out of my way to get one. He is sleeping way more than normal 13hours 3times a week. Something feels wrong this time. THE LORD will guide us like he always does. It just is so painful to see us not be able to hug Noah much anymore as he screams at the top of his little lungs. Then when the wind blows help us LORD. That is two sad things & on top of that he has 3 other DISORDERS. I would like to know what is the difference in Sensory Integration Dysfunction/SPD.

I have to go. Noah's sister went to give him a kiss an he is very upset.

Thanks for all the help,With Love Stephanie& A Sweet Loving Little Boy,

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