by Steve
(Ottawa, Ontario,Canada)

Have a man who has been living with me for more than a decade, he has moderate developmental disorder. For as long as i have known him, he is what one would say "aggressive in his actions"; closing doors, using personal needs utensils (razor, toothbrush), tightening shoes or boots far beyond what i believe to be tight enough, socks pulled up so tight that toes burst through with regualrity, jacket and shirts always done to the top, even when he appears to have an itch; he will rub with significant intensity. Also, he has had a constant need to pick at himself to the point of enlarging what was a pin-hole scratch, turning it into a quarter sized wound that is deep and has difficulty healing as he needs to constantly rub or pick at it, as well as picking at his ear. Currently, he has a right arm with six large wounds that he has a difficult time leaving alone and healing is being compromised.

Yes, he is very good at and we try to keep him doing heavy work

Would you think this is the definition of proprioceptive dysfunction.

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