Still doubtful

by Rita

My 5 years old daughter undoubtedly has some symptoms of hypersensitivity and some are already fading.

Following the checklist order:
Touch: she dislikes kisses, will "wipe off" place where kissed and can't wear wool. Sometimes she complains of socks seams and tags, but she got accustomed to them. As a baby, she disliked when I put dough or sand on her hands and feet, but now she doesn't have problems anymore and can play with anything and walk everywhere barefoot.
She can write well, handle scissor and has pretty advanced fine motor skills.
Movement: she avoids/dislikes playground equipment mostly slides and definitely prefers sedentary tasks. She was very afraid of height, but she overcame that fear. As an infant, she hated to be on her belly and never liked swings.
Now, she loves swings, marry goes around and even the panoramic wheel. She is pretty well coordinate and successfully takes karate.
Proprioceptive: she loves excessive banging on/with toys and objects and frequently falls on floor intentionally
Sounds: she is started with or distracted by loud or unexpected sounds. However, sounds don't really bothers her and she can function in a noisy environment.
She is a chatterbox and can speak three languages.
Eating: she is a picky eater and texture of food is the main determinant, followed by smell. She hates mushy food and all kinds of meat. She has hard time trying new foods. She used to dislike icy food, but she overcame this.
Smell: she reacts negatively to, or dislikes smells which do not usually bother, or get noticed, by other people and refuse foods on the base of smell.
Social: prefers playing by self with objects or toys rather than with other children. She loves to engage adults.

I don't see any other symptoms.

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Jul 30, 2012
I agree
by: Rita

Thank you, Anonymous writer. That is what I thought. Her teacher in preschool suspected she could have SPD, but I don't want to label my daughter unless there is a real necessity.

Jul 30, 2012
Perfect device
by: Emory Clark - Swring

Hello; The Swring is made for your daughter; not just for it's desirability but for its response to her with powerful messages each time she sails through the air. The message is vestibular awareness, social confidence, joy, muscle control, small motor development and more. Nearly as important as her rewards are yours for as a parent you will experience satisfaction you have made a wonderful decision in her favor. I am basing this message on hundreds of kids and parents just like your family who are growing stronger from the Swring in their lives everyday! Go on our website and write me for a list of references. OTs everywhere swear by Swring.

Jul 28, 2012
Out of the Box
by: Anonymous

She sounds pretty normal to me. Don't put her in a box...let her "BE." If she is engaging adults her cognitive abilities are most likely higher than most children her age, which is most likely the reason why she would rather be alone when adults aren't around. As for the foods...gee...who doesn't have their likes and dis-likes. Kisses, sand, etc. all perfectly normal reactions for kids. Be happy, she sounds wonderful to me.

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