Still figuring this out...

by Sara
(Kennewick, WA)

I have degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and tend to "psychologize" my symptoms. I knew that I had trouble templating items, and therefore had (and have) a lot of trouble finding things, but I was never able to attribute a cause to the behavior.

My mom always called me "the princess and the pea" because tags and seams in clothing were untenable for me, and the slightest bump or wrinkle in a bed or bedsheets would make sleep impossible.

I still can't touch smooth glass without reacting the way most people react to fingernails on a chalkboard. I have found that using ridged glasses works well for me.

Certain noises, mostly scraping noises, are impossible for me to ignore. I won't get my teeth cleaned unless the dental hygienist can promise to use non-scraping methods.

For most other bothersome noises, I can just walk away. Water running is another noise I cannot take. I also avoid being outside when the wind is blowing, as the feel of it on my face makes me feel as if I cannot breathe.

My husband is growing accustomed to my "craziness", but this list was helpful for him to see that I'm not just making it up!

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