Still hypersensitive at age 60 and its fine...

YEP... All my life...

I wear sunglasses a lot,because my eyes are so sensitive to light and flickering. I do not own a TV or computer, can't watch TV or films. Can only look at the computer screen for about 45 minutes a day It was enough for my jobs. I can't look a person in the eye and keep a conversation going...Too distracting. I have learned to apologize and explain. I have very POOR facial recognition and am comfortable apologizing for that too.

I wear ear plugs most of the time when leaving my home... as I find machine noises and car noises painful. I avoid 'background' noise in my home. No hums. I get EASILY distracted if there is more than one conversation. Had to work in my own office.

Had trouble learning to walk; did not crawl, could not catch balls or swim. Could not copy physical movements made by others. Took over a year with a very patient dad to learn to ride a bike., I didn't like bouncing or jumping or jogging.I failed physical education a few times. Have trouble using small objects, though handwriting is OK. Cannot figure out how to put things together; e.g. part of a machine.

I can't drive, and can't feel where I am in space. I take the bus or walk. I have got lost in the community I lived in for 30 years. It took me over 6 months to find my way easily around one small building I worked in. I just let staff know I would be getting lost for a while, and to bear with me. They did and life went on.

I am very SENSITIVE to touch; can't bear clothing tags. Many fibers feel too scratchy, and make my skin burn, turn red and itch.
I find MANY foods TOO salty, or spicy, burning my mouth. And I can't stand textures that are fatty or slimy or too



But I don't mind using sunglasses and earplugs. I love sensing delicate things in nature: hearing a bird far away, watching a butterfly, tasting a water droplet on a leaf... .I wear light soft cotton or linen clothes, and non-restricting shoes. I am a vegetarian, and enjoy juicy light vegies and fruits greatly.I am an avid reader, in the history of ideas and philosophy. I began walking in nature as a teenager, and have great hiking endurance, and use naturall landmarks including smelling water to help me appreciate and orient in nature. I enjoy walking in the dark near known landmarks. I learned to swim as a grownup and I can enjoy it now. i have a lovely singing voice, and have sung in choirs and created some of my own songs, including one to thank my mom and dad for their fine natures. I have enjoyed good friends, with whom to walk and talk about ideas. I have four university degrees, in both social science and science, with strong abilities in language, logic and mathematics.. I have worked in several worthwhile professions, rewarding to me and useful to others and was considered gifted in my work.I also was a volunteer for some years in poor countries, where my simple lifestyle was an asset.. I am retired now... thankful to still be in good physical health and good spirits.

My parents were VERY supportive and reminded me of my strengths and gifts. I was never considered handicapped, and received no diagnoses or medical intervention. They clearly respected and loved me for what I was. I have been teased as a child and an adult..and that was sometimes hurtful. Nevertheless, despite being seen as eccentric by family and friends, I have enjoyed love, respect, and meaning. I am thankful for my life.

So... if your kids have these challenges, they can still have a wonderful life.... Focus on strengths, foster resilience and thinking of alternatives... not 'putting up with problems'.

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Jul 14, 2015
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I appreciate your positive spin on this topic, about which one can easily become depressed. I am the mother of two boys, who most likely have SPD. Through them I realized that my husband and I also possess many if the same qualities. Thankfully we have become functional enough to hold down good jobs and raise our children to be aware of themselves. We also try to put a positive spin on things and learn to find joy wherever possible.

Sep 10, 2012
RE hypersensitive at 60
by: Anonymous

Congratulations! Surely a life with lots of love and support from family go a very long way to fulfilling a life that is way beyond what others who say they are normal have done in their life. Hope i could have my son be like you too. He is only two years old with autism. But we love and accept him. Hope we could provide the best for him in everything to help him live a life like yours. Fruitful and happy.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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