Still not better

by Virginia

My 10 year old has almost every symptom of SPD. I have had her treated for sensory integration for a year through a occupation rehab. She is not even a little bit better. She has been treated for OCD with no improvement. She does have a sleeping disorder where her body jerks a lot at night. She does not have seizures. She won't shower because she feels like soap is still on her. She wipes over and over because she feels wet still. My daughter has to home school because I can not get her dressed in the morning. Her clothes are like torture to her. Sadly she does not want to live at all. She never feels comfortable. 10 years of this is taking a toll on her. we have been in doctors offices since she was 3 and not one thing has helped at all. I don't know how to help her. she is in agony and begs me to help????

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May 27, 2012
Please help
by: Anonymous

Thank you. Somedays I have felt it was only my child. How do you help your children. My daughter jerks at night is scared of everything eats nothing and has so much trouble relating to people. The school overlooks her because she is not a discipline problem

May 23, 2012
ankle weights
by: Janice

My heart goes out to you and your daughter. I can tell that you are committed to helping her in anyway you can. My experience with our 7 year old son and ticks and jerking is that when he started wearing ankle weights (he wears 2 pounds on each leg)he began to calm down, loose his ticks (wiping bottom of shoe and biting knee when he was over stimulated/tired for 6 weeks - before that hooting like an owl for no reason throughout the day). He has only warn them for 2 full weeks, 6 to 8 hours a day, but he even states that they calm him down. Also, we have great success with a mini trampoline. Both of these things have toughened up his skin sensitivity, and calmed his quirky OCD like ticks. All the best to you - my wish is that you find the key to building her resistance.

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