Still not sure :(

by Jessica

When I started reading through the site I though, ah ha, perhaps i will find an answer here, however reading through ALL of the check lists, still feel lost. I would LOVE some advise, any advise. here is my story...

I am a mom to three lovely girls, my middle daughter was born early, at 28 weeks, and suffered major respiratory issues, and still has chronic asthma. As she was a preemie we had lots of support through infancy, and all reports noted the same issues with her, she preferred one arm to the other, low tone in one side, high tone in the other, she appeared to look through you or around you and neglected eye contact ((even as an infant)) however at the age of two was dismissed from OT and PT, and here we are....I have a 6 yr old with learning delays ((still cannot recognize or remember her letters and numbers)) fights with all articles of clothing she wears, she finds one pair of track pants and they are fine if they dont rub, tug, have a seam etc. but if I wash them and cause any stiffness or or shrinkage then she will not wear them, she cannot wear anything with buttons or clips, no jeans or anything `fitted`if you will.

She is afraid of falling, even when there is no risk of it, she does odd reflex things out of no where ((ripped the review mirror off my windshield yesterday, then felt awful and didn`t know why)) she is delayed in all areas of her learning but excels in art and music. Is often sick feeling, always car sick, carries dark circles on her eyes and still cannot stay awake a full day ((falls asleep at school)) the checklists I read I would read a few things and think, oh maybe, but then there were a few things in each list that applies, anyone please, any idea what to do, what could be going on...and not sure if I mentioned she still does not make eye contact, and teachers and myself cannot get her to react to directions or commands.

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Sep 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

i am sure that you will get this response from 30 other people...but your best is just to get her an OT eval. alot of what you are talking about does fall under the sensory categories. AND, i know that a big far as being an spd indicator... (or at least from what i understand) is having preemies (we were asked that a TON during all of our evals). and it is important to know that these lists are not all or nothing lists. your daughter can have 5 of 10 of the items...but then have 6 more things that weren't listed. my son, for example, is technically 'mild' spd, but he has issues in ALL of his senses...and some kids have severe spd in 1 sense...the possibilities are endless. i think you would feel a huge relief after her eval. best of luck and keep us posted!

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