Still wondering

My son is 11 and diagnosed with ADHD and on Meds but there's still something just not right. He's very clumsy and always full of bruises that according to him "don't hurt". It's like he enjoys pain, but a small scratch, he can't handle, but he'll pick at it until it's a big scratch. He eats with his fingers which means it's usually all over him, which he could care less. He could wake up in the morning and go to school in his underwear and not care. Personal hygene- non existant.

He's had an IQ test and he's in the normal range, but sometimes he'll do things that a 2 year old might do. Oh yeah, he will not go into a room, even the bathroom by himself which means there are "accidents".

After looking at this site I think we will be taking him to see a neurologist soon because he fits some of these behaviors. Most of the time he's the sweetest kid, so I hope we can get to the bottom of these behaviors that frustrate the whole family and ,I'm sure, him also. Thanks for listening.

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Jul 20, 2011
Pl have faith...
by: Mom

I feel your pain and frustration....My daughter is 10 will be 11 soon and was diagnosed with ADD and later ADHD and was on meds since age 7...very little improvement in her school and at home behavior..finally fed-up with meds and side effects of the meds and the pressure from school we saw psychologist/OT/Audiologist..Audiology results were normal, but sure enough not the OT results, she has lot of dev delays and SPD...more n more i see her and talk to the OT she is not ADD or ADHD and i hate myself for not able to identify this early enough to get her to right help...I strongly urge that you take ur son off the ADD meds and take him to OT/Audiology eval and possibly to psychologist...I am sure you will find it very helpful...without the ADD meds my girl is doing great with exception of the SPD issues...Please dont do the ADD meds...they dont help, they take our child away from us...God bless u and ur family.

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