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A PK student (ASD) presses his chin very hard into the object, even people (it is so heard that this hurts adults). Any suggestions for a sensory diet?

I am an OT in the school system & having a difficult time with this.

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Dec 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

Just a mom that understands the childs seeking of deep pressure, my biggest suggestion is to see when he is doing it, observe and watch ask everyone on his day to day activities. I believe he needs passes to leave the place hes doing it and offer deep pressure in some form, my child did this because she use to hit me and now its bear hugs but it is most definitely related to frustration and not knowing how to deal with whats happening at the moment. Ask for passes for him to use,which must be taught to use.

Find a safe place with one person he relates to or is comfy with and put a type of heavy gel pillow down and make sure its covered with fabric to soften the pressure a little and maybe he will learn to express more rather then hurt more. my thought are hes trapped with wanting to explode and is holding back but still hurting others is not except able ,just a mom hope you find some professional opinions.

I have learned during 14 years of observing my daughter that things are not always done for the reason to hurt others, but it is for the self medication of them self. If they hurt them selves slightly they can focus on that rather then whats happening. They need to learn to express and be comfortable enough to do it ,good luck ,just a mom.

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