Stool withholding

by Shawn

My child won't poop. He's 5 years old and says it hurts. He squeezes his legs together and poops in his pants when he can no longer hold it in and won't go on the potty. He has never pooped on the potty and doesn't want to.

Any significant help with sensory treatments?

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Bowel Withholding Children's Book
by: Anonymous

Our daughter (who has SPD) also struggled with the challenges of bowel withholding. Despite endless Google searches and countless calls to her pediatrician, none of the recommendations produced the desired results. We finally introduced (prescription) Miralax and a friend gave us a fabulous book..."I Can't, I Won't, No Way!: A Book For Children Who Refuse to Poop". Our daughter LOVED the story (written from a child's perspective) and locked into the colorful illustrations... might not solve the problem but, will definitely help!!!

Good Luck!

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