Stressed Mom

by Sarah Armes

Heck yes!! I had no idea what was up with my son. I thought he was a fussy baby but at his 1st birthday I knew something was wrong. The first 3 years of his life were SSOO hard on our whole family.

I read an article about sensory integration disorder and it was like the heavens opened- I heard singing I swear. I went to my pediatrician and he was skeptical but supportive. I took my son to a developmental specialist and they weren't sure if he had Aspergers (he was a little too young to diagnose) but he was diagnosed with "sensory problems".

I have 3 other kids and work 4 hours a week in a daycare so I KNOW that all kids have quirks. I'm pretty sure all kids have at least 1 of their senses that is a little over or under sensitive but my son definitely stands out.

I really don't care what "experts" say. My own husband didn't believe me. Only a person who was/is around my son 24/7 like me would understand. At times I'm so overwhelmed by him like when he hasn't eaten a real meal in 4 days. Sometimes I feel sorry for him like when he plays by himself when there's a room full of kids that want to play with him. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself... I just want to hold him and sing to him and he won't let me.

SPD is real. It's an issue and we need "experts" on our side because I need help.

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Aug 30, 2009
by: Joey

Boy do I know how you feel!! When they go without eating is the worse!!! I have been giving mine that V8 fusion juice that tastes like fruit but has veggies in it watered down...maybe your son would like that?

Also, it sucks when people don't believe you. And my husband is quiet on the matter, not telling me how he feels about the situation so I am with you there too!!

You and your family are in my thoughts...I hope everything works out for you!!!

Dec 17, 2008
Stressed too
by: Carolyn

I feel your stress. I am a mother of 3. My daughters are 15 and 11 and have no signs of SPD or at least not enough to give a second thought about. Then 5 years my son came along and it has been a roller coaster ride with him. I thought it was just because he was a boy. Then I thought maybe it was how we have brought him up. His sisters play a big part in helping take care of him because he is soooo much work.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to put him Kindergarten this year. This has been a nightmare. He has major meltdowns in the classroom, home and everywhere.

I took him to a Family Dr. who thinks he has ADHD. I am supposed to get him screened for this next week but I am not sure I totally agree. That maybe some of it but I think there is more to it. The place screening for the ADHD is supposed to get a referral for the SPD. Hopefully this will provide some answers.

Dec 17, 2008
I understand completely!
by: ugates

I understand completely what you are going through. My daughter was the same way and I had the same problems with no one believing you. It is true moms are with there children 24/7 and they know when something is not right. That is why we are our children's first doctor and the other doctors should listen to what we say.

My daughter is nine and was diagnosed with high functioning autism, motor tics, complex-partial seizure disorder, sensory integration disorder, etc. I had to beg my doctor to let her be seen by an developmental pediatrician. She sent us to a pediatric neurologist. She diagnosed her with most of her conditions. The high functioning autism was diagnosed through a GROUP of doctors. I emphasis GROUP because a lot of people don't believe or agree with the diagnosis. It depends on what person or doctor you talk to. They all have a different opinion.

So I am left with a multiple diagnosis for my daughter which most can intertwine. It can be confusing for me and others. My daughters neurologist told me I needed to decide on who I was going to listen to the professional who specializes in her conditions or other people or doctors. I have learned through past experience that when you find something that works stick with it. So when you find a doctor or neurologist or whatever that agrees with your son's diagnosis stick with it. Don't let others confuse or put doubt in your head. I was told my daughters whole life not to worry, this is something she will grow out of. of course, she never did, probably never will. Hopefully, with therapy and medication for her seizures she will improve. There always seems to be some new sensory issue she is having while others will fade in the background for a while.

If you really feel something is not right keep going back to your doctor and complain and complain until they send you back for your son to be tested.

Good luck to you!

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