Strong case of Panic Disorder; milder Agoraphobic, & live in a 4-family frequently being driven over the edge with the noises others make

by Uhlizza
(Cincinnati Ohio)

Walls closing in (Panic Disorder)

Walls closing in (Panic Disorder)

I do fit into many of the items on the list presented, although some were the polar opposite (seemingly) of the one above it e.g. :

"__ __ very sensitive to pain, especially as compared to others

__ __ don't seem to notice pain; get shots/cuts/bruises and hardly feel a thing"

-you wouldn't have both of these.

(BTW I am VERY sensitive to pain; everything hurts, even when I was young athlete, the competitions or workouts do remember needing to use an icy/hot cream quite frequently but when participating in event it was thrilling; I was a good athlete until when I got older and the arthritis set in. Mom claimed I used to scream as a baby in the night , blood curdling, and ever since i can remember I sleep with a 5 volt nightlight on, partly because I must, partly because I am night blind.

What I don't get is the fact that i live in a four family rental unit; and the other tenants can be very loud, but by being so very insensitive. Sometimes they will be working on the road and repetitive loud noises will occur for months and that doesn't bother me at all or a little until I get used to it; but when it is gum popping bubbles, or playing music loudly, or stomping about in the apartment above me that drives me to fits of rage! It is SO RUDE! Although there is a church down the road that has an ac system that makes a high pitched noise that really makes me unable to enjoy my patio.

I think we are people with extra sensitive nerves on the conscious and unconscious and intellect side. My apartment must be dark because bright light drives me to a migraine. My mother is OCD and my daughter has this thing about people chewing gum; so there must be a genetic aspect to it like in my opinion there is in everything basically. (Left and right? No way!) I am disabled for this. It is labeled as General Dysfunctional Disorder; whatever that is, I guess, this. I am an artist. Who can't tolerate crowds.

First panic attack was at age 10, passed out in church because it was so crowded; and so hot and so huge.

I would like to know more about this.

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