Strong Smells-Picky Eater

My OT suggested this tip and it works, so I thought I would share. During our meal, we have a game of "try it". He gets to pick one new thing to try with each meal (we usually provide him with 2 options).

To get praise from our "try it" game, he simply has to hold the new item in his mouth for 2 seconds, (I count out loud 1, 2) then can spit it out. It is building his self confidence, and he is so willing to try new things. He has even decided to put the new item in his mouth for a second time, to really decided if he doesn't like it.

My OT says that each food may take 20 tries before he pallet / noise will be desensitized to the smell.

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May 04, 2012
Thank You
by: Debi

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your tasting game! Sounds like something my 7 year old might actually try, can't wait til he gets home from school so we can "play"!

Aug 02, 2010
by: marisa

This is a great idea. Our 9 year old would really benefit from this. Thank you for sharing

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