Supplements for SPD

by Heather
(Sarasota, FL)

Hello All! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a supplement to help with mood, anger, etc. Also, if anyone has had any experience with dietary changes that helped. We tried gluten free (she hated it) we tried cutting out dairy but she refuses to drink any of the substitute milks...she will only drink pediasure. I have had my daughter on Calms Forte 4 Kids for over a year. I found it by a fluke, a friend suggested it to help her calm down for bed, but to my surprise it helped her emotional meltdowns.

In the past few months we have encountered a new problem, she has anger outbursts. Usually all related to her toys and them not doing what she wants or someone knocking them over. She loses control and it is all over. Sometimes she even gets violent, hitting, kicking, scratching, and biting. She has even started biting her own self. I put her amber necklace back on (which I think helps a bit) and started giving her a massage with vanilla lotion (vanilla calms her). She has been referred back to OT but the therapist is having trouble with the insurance so we don't know when we can start.

I would love any advice anyone has for me that may help me help least until she starts back in OT. Also, anyone have any experience with the Native Remedies Pure Calm, Bright Spark, Focus Formula? They are expensive but I would definitely make the investment if it would help her. Thank you all.

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