Susan, Teacher of 2's

by Susan
(Lincoln City, OR, USA)

I love your web site. I used to teach the Sensory Motor classroom at the Oregon School for the Blind. I wish I had this resource back then. Now I am teaching in an early learning center in the 2's room. I am seeing many children coming through my class with sensory issues and wish I had an on site OT like I used to.

I have 4 children in my class now that have struggles with sensory integration. I am taking all I can from your info. Thanks for all you are sharing.

On this particular page there are three resources that will not pull up and I was wondering if they have been removed or if there is another way to access them. They are: Better Behavior Wheel Parenting Tool,
How To Improve Your Childs Behavior and
Parenting Secrets By Mother Of Five.

Thanks again for sharing.


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