Suspect I missed the boat... missed oral issues in my 11 year old son

by Jessica M.

My son is going to be 12 in September and I am beyond sick of being he will grow out of his issues or eat when he's hungry. I can only get him to willingly accept a handful of foods, and can only nag him into eating a few more.

Going to make the Pediatrician listen to me tomorrow and work with me on next steps.

Have read so many conflicting ideas... OT, SLP, Nutritionist, Dietician, child psychologist, etc. Not sure where to begin! Would love some advice on trying to get such an old child evaluated and treated, please.

He is a gifted kid, intelligent if a bit hard to deal with at times, but I worry he will have more and more issues if I don't find some help. If only physically, he should be ramping up the nutrition and calories for puberty and he is eating less and less, variety and quantity. I get told,"He's in the normal range for his height" (just barely!) and that's that. He's short for his age, too, which I blame on his food issues since his 9 year old sister is taller!


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