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I'm a Learning Support Assistant working 1-2-1 with a 5 year old boy with SPD in a primary school. He has recently started swearing (something he's heard directed at him at home) and comes out with this particular "F's sake!" very frequently and in front of the other children.

Initially we thought it was due to sensory overload, but he'll do it even when we wouldn't have expected / thought him to be overloaded. At times he'll look at you and it does seem like "naughty" behaviour? But is it just his way of telling us how he's feeling? His vocabulary is very limited.

He has a sensory diet that we work through as often as possible (the school has me split elsewhere i'm afraid) and everyone is very understanding, as are the children. We have tried removing favoured toys in response and instead I now take him out for a break. But...if I did this on every occasion he wouldn't be included - he uses it to get out of class work as he knows it used to get him on the thinking spot for 5 mins / now a quiet break.

I would love some / any advice and it would be much appreciated. It's only started happening recently and it seems there's lots 'going on at home' but any ideas / strategies would be fab!

Thank you!

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Nov 12, 2015
Hope this recommendation is helpful
by: Christine Di

I would recommend using the approach of lots of positive praise for the times when your student engages in a positive interaction. I learned with my daughter that replacement behaviors were critical strategies.

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