Sweet Boy Became Aggresive...

by Dolores
(Portland, OR)


My 7 years old son has Autism and he used to be the most lovely and sweet boy ever... but, since we moved from southern California to Portland (Or) he is becoming more and more aggressive every day... At school and at home we are increasing the sensory diet (trampoline, swings, weighted vest, body sock, etc. etc.) which seems to calm him down a little. But I'm concerned... I don't know what is going on and how to tackle it!! I need help!
I heard about "light therapy"... In your opinion can it be the weather?????

The SPD Help Line Answers...

I'll be honest about the light therapy... I don't know enough about it. As for his difficulties since the move being weather related? My gut says it is less about that and perhaps more about the transition to a new place. Transitions and change are hard for most people, even harder for those with Autism!!

I am not saying the weather isn't a factor or that light therapy wouldn't work, I just don't know enough about it in relationship to those with Autism. I would ask such questions to a large, good online Autism support group. Are you in one? If not, do a yahoo groups search and read the descriptions for the MANY out there and see which one might fit best for you.

Also... is he in OT right now? Maybe he needs to get back in for a while, if he isn't already? He may need a "tune up" or some intensive therapy again for a little while to help him adjust? Can you get him back into OT with a good sensory-based therapist?

Let me know, ok?

Anyone else reading this know anything about light therapy or how the weather might possibly influence this child's behavior? We could use some help on this one!

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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Oct 30, 2007
the sweet boy...
by: Dolores

Hi Michele,

thank you for your advice... he is receiving OT at school and I ask them to increase his sensory diet... I'm looking for a clinic to start ST and OT, I found one I like... wish me luck! What really intrigues me is the "coincidence" of sunny days and good mood, rainy days and intolerance to any demand (it used to be a pattern related to getting a cold or fever.. but not weather!)

Thank you again.. I think your site is exceptional and I linked it to several people...


Michele Mitchell responds...

Can you talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist about possible seasonal affective disorder? I am NOT saying he has it, just curious what the professionals think. Maybe you are onto something with the sunshine issue?


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