Tactile defensivness/fidgets unite!

by Angela
(England, U.K)

I am 45 and am becoming increasingly aware how much this condition impacts my daily living. Comments by parents of young children on this site strike a chord with me.

Underwear has been a problem causing "wedgies", cutting into soft tissue when seated, or when worn under tight trousers. Many fabrics itch or chafe. I possess many undergarments and frequently change them before I feel happy enough to leave the house.

Bras are a nightmare. They feel like corsets, restricting the natural rise and fall of the ribcage, inhibiting the breath. THERE'S THE KEY! To be 'socially acceptable', we ladies have to conform and push this on to our children. Underwires make me miserable, they dominate the ribcage and press into the breastbone,especially when seated.

I have now found that tight lycra tops to be the most tolerable at the moment. Primark sell them at around £5

Labels need to be cut out, including the thread. Sometimes nylon yarn is used and this causes me distress. Clothes that stretch, cling and move with me are best.

Haircuts are distressing for me, I have a strong aversion to wind or draughts on my skin. Walking barefoot is annoying and I don't like getting crumbs on my feet. Socks don't fit properly and cause my feet to slide in shoes making me feel unstable.

Touch has to be on my terms and unexpected contact can cause verbal outbursts or physical deflection.

I am sensitive to bright light,minor sounds and struggle to cope with autumn and winter months.
I find that any food between my teeth intolerable and cannot avoid flossing for any length of time.
My self awareness grows daily due to research into these things but unfortunately, conforming for so many years leaves me acting like nothing is wrong.

It's so temping to dig out my knickers in the supermarket queue. But I shall wait till there's a power cut!

Good luck all and peace be with you.

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