Tactile dysfunction

by julie pearce

I have a 6 yr old daughter who i have trouble each day doing the normal things such as getting dressed, putting on shoes an socks,she complains that every thing is hard, stiff,bumpy or many other excuses, we have tears an tantrums every day that it has come to a point she would rather stay home than leave the house, she feels more happy in her pajamas than to put on clothes, I have a oppointment for my daughter to see a paedatrition in a few weeks but looking for more information to help us now, kind regards julie pearce

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May 29, 2013
You are not alone
by: Nina

hello all

your stories ring true to me as well. My daughter is just 9 and her issues started last year full blown. Looking back there were some issues but nothing that would stop you dead in your tracks. She has to wear a uniform to school and the button shirts are unreal. she now has permission to wear a tank under the shirt, but pulls so hard on the straps they stretch and rip. She wears one shirt (that she finally likes) and then wears it everywhere it usually has a very low cut neck line or off the shoulder. However, she pulls on it and eventually her nipples show through :(

she must part her hair exactly in line with her pupil or she melts down.

she goes shopping and picks out clothes and inevitably i return them two days later :(

she cries that she wants to be NORMAL and is envious of the other girls.

she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and takes prozac daily. It has helped with some things and now she can at least rationalize it, but still her clothes are the main issue.

they tell me that she has some OCD due to the rituals of everything being the same, looking the same etc. If she orders a meal at a restaurant it needs to always look the same, the foods can't touch and it's a struggle

we are still searching for answers and i will NEVER give up

god bless don't give up and keep looking

Jul 13, 2012
been living this nitemare for over a year now!!? in the uk,where this isnt recognised!
by: emma

Hi ,
I also know what you are going through,when my daughter turned 7 last year it all started!
She is 8 now and just gets worse,she started with socks,pants,now its everything.

She gets so distressed about all clothing now,will wear the same pair of socks day in day out,then when i wash them WOW its hell,she hates anything changing,bedding ect.
Cant go clothes shopping she hates everything,or will see something that she loves,but her little brain kicks in and it doesnt feel right cant wear it??

I'm at the end of my tether,its hell.
She use to wear everything,was always commented on how well dressed and nice she would look,now she is a different girl.

They first said its ocd?? now they dont think it is and she is having therapy through CAMHS uk.
But they just seem to think she has worries and this is her way of dealing with them!

She has always been a very sensative little girl,and we say her mind is in over drive and is unable to get excited about things,or will for one secound then the worry begins,and the what if's?? begins.

The most difficult thing is once she has got dressed you would never know ,she is a loving,very social ,lots of friends child.
And she would do so much more if she didnt keep thinking i cant because i cant wear the clothes.

She only eats things that are the same as the day before,cooked by the same person.or it has to look the same!

Had huge issues with her hair,she had lovley long blond locks but insisted having it all cut off as she couldnt bear it anymore,hated it being touched or brushed,now has it short and still fusses about it,will only have one hair dresser touch it,and panics when it needs cutting that its going to be the same!

The list goes on, i dont know if its SPD..OCD..AUTISM... or what it might be???

The trouble im finding is no one else seems to no either???

Emma (uk)

Apr 16, 2012
tactile dysfunction
by: marjory glasgow scotland

Hi julia

My son has reduced proprioception , Hates anything round his neck, touching him if he doesnt know its coming. He loves tight clothes,he was also diagnosed with autism, aspergers syndrome last year.He has trouble pulling on clothes doing zips etc. We have done alot of work getting him better at doing this. At main stream school his uniform consists of shirt and tie- you have to find ways of getting round this. Larger shirts with larger collars so as not to be annoying. He resisted initially, but when he knew we wouldnt give in, he eventually went along with it. He looks clumsy when running or playing, falls alot, but keeps going.

My only advice i can offer keep your daughter as normal as possible. Obviously at times like last day of term sports day ,we keep james off he hates it. The more you keep her in and not experiencing things the worse things become. That is my own personnel experience. School is still hard going in primary 4 but better than primary 1. A great teacher makes all the difference. Good luck. Marjory

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