Taekwondo and bran

by paulette etcheberry
(Deerfield Beach, fl)

I have been writing for a while in this pages because I have found the support and understanding from strangers who I call 'MY Sensory brotherhood because nobody really wants to hear about SPD or Auditory issues. So I am deeply thankful to all of you!!

Anyway, since I have a crazy loving non-stopper Kiddo with Sensory issues, I decided to take him to Taekwondo and he is having a great time even though, when he is the latest one in saying Thank-U Sir every time they need to say it... again I am so aware of the Out Of Sync child that to me, is just a fact of life and doesn't bother me. His teacher, however, thinks that there isn't such a thing called Sensory and spacial awareness issues so he treats him very well but doesn't have any "compassion" for his tardiness when kicking or following instructions. I see how Bran try his hardest but also see how he gets easily lost. I decided to encourage him for being there and trying hard. I know he will get the steps and right/left soon but it amazes me to see that even instructors don't understand the concept of propioceptors and spacial awareness! anyway we found a class called tiny tkd and I think is better for him so we switch between children beginners and tiny so he can learn with baby steps. I hope this is helpful to any one
God Bless

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