Two young girls are happy healthy well adjusted yet approx one week after childhood vaccine they exhibit uncontrollable tantrums. The 1 year old tries to slam her head so must protect her by holding her until it is over. Could take 5-15 minutes. She is very sound sensitive.

The older girl has no memory of her episodes but they are less frequent now as are the vaccines.

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Nov 10, 2023
Vaccines harm
by: Anonymous

It frustrates me that vaccines do this and worse. I have 4 sons and they have all had vaccine reactions and have been harmed. When are people going to listen to the parents and really validate parents intuition. Doctors get plenty money so most of them either turn a blind eye or don’t even know because they trust big pharma more than the humans that they are injuring.

I am a Catholic Christian and I pray that God can do good out of bad, I pray that God who sees all can bring this to the light. We as parents often feel lonely and powerless but God knows and He is bigger. I myself, get so frustrated every time I hear another person got vaccine injured. I am begging God to have mercy on the victims of this abuse to our bodies. I pray that more parents see the light and to stop trusting the medical professionals who continue to harm our children and ourselves.

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