by Shauna
(American living in Germany )

We have a top floor that we have designated for a Sensory Room. We put a loft bed in it, not for sleeping, but for climbing and for sliding. He loves to lie in the bed with pillows and stuffed animals covering him and placed all around him. We have a mini-trampoline, a rocker,3 therapy balls, one with sand inside for the weight. We have an artist easel that is chalkboard on one side, dry-erase on the other and a paper roll on the top, paints, play-doh, scented markers, misc. art supplies. Various colors and textures of paper and child-friendly scissors. We have rope lights and Christmas lights around the room, fiber optic gagets. I would like to get a constellation projector, being he loves stars. We have various scented candles that he chose. (he is very picky with the scents that he likes). We also play various types of music for him, depending on his needs that day.

All of these things we already had in different rooms, we just put them in one room for him. We moved everything upstairs one week ago. So far, so good! Thank you for all your ideas. We hope to add a hammock or a swing in the near future.

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