Teen daughter likes feel of feces

by Kathy
(Orange Park, FL, USA)

y 16 y.o. daughter has an IQ of 49 due to bio mother's drug use. She has been dx on the Autism Spectrum and has Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I went through the feces smearing from the time I got her at age 3 until she was about 5.

However, this year she began putting her hand under herself on the toilet to catch bowel movements as she likes the texture. I've tried giving her play dough for the bathroom and am thinking of trying goop if I can find some that won't stain everything (or maybe a pan of some time she can set in her lap while playing with it). We have a behaviorist who seems to be stumped at well.

Has anyone dealt with this particular problem? If so, how do I get her to stop? I'm down to making her leave the bathroom door open so long as there isn't a male in the house (we live alone, the 2 of us) and trying to watch out in case she tries it.

Her bowels are always loose; and I've also discovered that she occasionally puts her finger in her anus as well.

I'm at my wits end and out of ideas! I do make an effort not to make a huge deal of it when it happens other than to explain that it can make her very sick. When I "catch" her going to the bathroom properly I make a point to praise her and tell her how proud I am that she's doing so well.


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