Teen with SPD

by Maiah

I am sixteen years old, on the outside i look average, nobody outside of my family (except my bf) knows about my disorder. My twin and I both have SPD, i am hyperactive she is hypo active. Hers is more apparent, she cant touch many many things, freaks out when poked or when it is raining very lightly. She cant be in large crowds, but she is an absolute genius, she can block out everything and focus on her work. She is enrolled in college at sixteen. But with me, i dont mind pokes, or the rain. Though i cannot stand people touching my neck, feet, or stomach.

I am over-emotional only with certain things, if something isnt the right way or someone wont do something, or if i am left alone... I do ok in school, mostly Bs. My teachers think i am just inattentive but i actually cant focus on what they are saying or doing. something always catches my eye, or my mind wanders, or im too busy chewing my fingernails down.

The only class i do well in is English because it is mostly free thinking, and i can type things out instead of hand-writing. I once wrote an entire four page paper with all of my e's and c's backwards. The weird thing is that when i am with my few friends i dont mind being around people, but as soon as i am alone in a crowd i freak out.

Until i found this site and read

all the symptoms i didnt realize my reliance on people was apart of my SPD. But i am lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend who is happy to stay with me and talks to strangers when i cant bring myself to do it. It is always easier to deal with being different when there is a person (or people) that understand you. My twin and i couldnt be more different but even for twins we have a close relationship because weve had to live our lives with SPD together. When we were younger we were afraid of the dark and the shadows from nightlights, we would push our beds together and hold hands to know that the other was still there and we were safe. When people in elementary school teased me about my stutter or teased her for being so smart we stuck up for each other.

We were lucky enough to have a mother who supported us in everything we did and are doing, she watches out for us and makes sure we are happy. (we tend to slip into depression very easily). She helped me get rid of my stutter and taught us that even though we are different people couldnt tell the difference if we were ourselves. Sometimes i feel frustrated with the fact i have SPD, and if whoever reads this feels the same just know that there is no need. talk to someone who loves you, the best thing to do is to not hold it in.

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