Teen with suspected undiagnosed cognitive processing disorder

by Terrythemom

I have a teenage son beginning 11th grade who I have suspected from about the 3rd grade has had an undiagnosed learning problem of some sort. I am only now becoming educated enough to start asking the right questions (I think) and pushing the right buttons to hopefully get my kid the help he/we need for him to have. still not sure I'm in the right place so I would really appreciate any guidance. thanks. Here"s some info:

very intelligent child.scoring in 95th-98th percentile on every standardized test administered through spring of 6th grade
(K-6 in public school),he was tested and certified Gifted in grade 2 (in our system this is not generally done until grade 3-at the insistence of his 1st grade teacher) In grade 3 he was testes privately because I suspected something was not quite right and he was diagnosed ADHD-Inattentive type (without hyperactivity)alsoin grade 3 he was identified and pulled out for testing by the principal and was given a 504 based on delayed development of fine motor coordination and dysgraphia (bad handwriting).He was given an IEP with classroom accommodations, and some OT which helped with this one LITTLE problem and then..

We were re-zoned and moved to a new school 2 years later and there was a new counselor in charge who basically decided he was smart enough he should be able to float his own boat and he didn't need this 504 so she said he no longer needed ANY special treatment because he

didn't have a problem.

Okay,the little things like the four food diet, the terrible disorganization in some areas and the overzealous organization in others, and the nervour inflexibility with any change in routine and other things we are dealing with but the really big thing I can"t figure out is:

HE CANNOT WRITE. Physically he can write but he finds it all but impossibly to form a thought and place those thoughts into words on a page-or a computer screen. He can tell a story. He can stand up and deliver an oral presentation. He can carry on a conversation.

I finally met last week with his high school counselor and the chief guidance counselor and they were both baffled(sp)which was actually a good thing because it has spurred him into immediate action. He has scheduled a full panel meeting to include all teachers the system psychologist and various therapists.

Could I be looking at sensory processing disorder? When I ran across the first listing on Wikipedia-it was my child???What do you think? (it would be good if I had a direction to point them in) :)

, we chose to withdraw him in the spring of that year when after trying to work with the system for 3 years our child was coming home saying things like "I'm stupid" and I'm just lazy" and was failing 6th grade reading -yet still tested out at the 99th percentile on the SAT administered at that same school during the same time period)

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